Aerial photography & filming

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We generally shoot as a 2 man crew, one pilot and one camera operator, using a download radio link to a monitor that the camera operator uses for composition. We can also supply full crew including camera assistants, director and producer together with ground based high end cameras.

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We are fully BNUC-S and CAA certified for aerial filming and can fly up to 400ft. We have public liability insurance for all our UAV flight systems and have the backup of our own production studio, with many years experience in commercial video and photography production. We consider safety to be of the highest importance when flying and site risk analyses are done by our experienced team for you piece of mind.

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We already collaborate with major broadcasters such as the BBC, Channel 4 and SKY. We also work with many film production companies on documentaries, features and short films, many of which receive awards and great acclaim with the BFI in London and at festivals worldwide and .

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For automotive work, rather than hire an expensive specialised follow vehicle i.e. the 'Russian Arm', we can follow and track cars smoothly and efficiently with the added bonus of height. This is also a far cheaper solution and is completely portable.

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 We supply top quality content for web channels,TV         advertising and promotional use for many major clients. There are many applications for our aerial services as a natural  extension to the quality services we already offer. We have a   full production team in-house to script, shoot, edit, score and provide VFX and graphics with quality assured.