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Meadows Farm Studios Blog

Green Screen Technology; The Past, Present and Future Of Movie Magic

In this article, we're going to discuss green screen technology; not only is it the magic behind the biggest films of the last decade, but our green screen hire services are some of the most popular that we provide! That makes us one of the best businesses in the UK to write about the technology that took Hollywood by storm. 

So, how did it begin? Where has it been used? What does the future hold? Let’s start from the top. 

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What makes a great 'quarantine film'? Analysing film search trends after COVID-19

With everyone now spending so much of their time inside, we’ve been watching movies much more as a society. We have always sought certain genres for a cheap thrill or a belly laugh, but now it seems we’re turning to Netflix and Amazon Prime in much higher numbers for something more substantial - sanity. The numbers show it, too. 

On April 21st, Netflix reported an increase of 15.8 million subscribers over a recent period, far ahead of the 7.6 million Wall Street predicted (Source: LA Times).

Compared to the same period last year, this has seen both their net income ($709 million) and their earnings per share ($1.57) more than double.

In comparing year-on-year data, we can accurately gauge the impact COVID-19 has had. With that in mind, we investigated the very movies, celebrities and genres we’ve been seeking refuge in to see how their public interest levels have changed. To do this, we compared the search volume data for the first full month of wide-scale quarantine (April 2020), to the same period a year prior (April 2019). You’ll find that across the board, searches are on the rise because people are watching more films than ever - this is why we’ll find the most interesting data when comparing searches. 

This data allows us to see what we as a society looked for in the oft-mentioned ‘quarantine movie’. Are we turning to comedies for solace or disaster movies to almost help us come to terms with the world around us? Will we see a rise in films like 28 Days Later, which portray large metropolitan areas empty of people, out of a grimly ironic search for relatability? Maybe everyone still just wants to watch The Lion King. 

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Here at Meadow Farm Studios we spend just as much time watching films and videos as we do making them. As a result, we thought we’d try our hands at creating a quiz so difficult that even the brightest of movie buffs can’t get full marks. 

Before you start, this isn’t your average movie quiz. You’ll find questions about horror films from the 60s as well as questions about classics such as The Incredibles, and Jurassic Park. Think you can handle it? Take the quiz below and test your friends, too

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Why New Photographers Fail And How You Can Avoid These Mistakes

photographers 1150033 1920v2
As a novice you’re bound to make mistakes. It comes with the territory. Regardless of the activity you’re turning your hand to, you should expect to encounter hiccups, even substantial setbacks along the way to becoming proficient. Why? Usually, a lack of comprehensive understanding, suitable experience and, sometimes, the requisite talent put the stopper on immediate success. 

This circumstance is just as true of photography as it is any other artistic medium. What’s important is that you avoid obvious perilous pitfalls that pose a significant detriment to your continued education and learn from your mistakes.

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7 Unbelievable Ways Drones Are Currently Being Used

7 Unbelievable Ways Drones Are Being Used

It was only a few years ago that the term “drone” conjured up images of pilotless planes operating in warzones across the world. However, these days drones are rapidly becoming more commonplace and are being increasingly used in a variety of different industries in amazing and unthought of ways.

For example, here at Meadows Farm Studios we use drones during our aerial photo shoots or for aerial filming. In the past, aerial photography used to be expensive and challenging with reliance on helicopters. Drones are much more reliable, affordable and easy to use.

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The Most 'Instagrammed' Landmarks in the World

Instagram has slowly grown to become one of the world's most used picture sharing sites. Allowing anyone with an account to upload pretty much anything they manage to photograph, but have you ever wondered what some of the most 'Instagrammed' places and Landmarks in the world are? Well now you know..

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24 Awesome Photography Blogs You Should Follow in 2017

Top Photography BlogIt's crazy to think that we're already three months into 2017 already. To celebrate we thought we'd put together a list of the "Top 24 Photography Blogs to Follow in 2017". We looked through almost 100 of the top photography blogs online and as much as we'd have liked to just list them all (they were all amazing), we had to narrow them down! So, here, in no particual order are our "Top 24 Photography Blogs You Should Follow in 2017", be sure to check them out and see what they have to offer.

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The Ultimate Guide to Drone Photography

The Ultimate Guide to Drone Photography Header

Drones are becoming increasingly more popular. However technically the remote control multi rotor devices are not drones. They are Remote Piloted Systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Unmanned Systems, better  known as  the  acronyms;  RPS, UAV, and UAS respectively. Technically Drones are remote piloted small planes used by the military for surveillance and weapon deployment.  However, the name drone seems know irrevocable linked with these smaller multi-rotor devices.  But we will continue to refer to them as drones in this article.

Drones and the specific equipment such as cameras and accessories have become more and more affordable, which means now you can own, pilot, and shoot pictures and videos with your very own drone. They come in all shapes and sizes, from toy drones to professional ones used for filming breathtaking scenery for wildlife documentaries and Hollywood films alike. 

In our ultimate guide to drone photography, we will cover all the main issues related to drones:

  • ·         The types of drones and cameras you can choose from
    ·         The specific laws and regulations
    ·         How to learn to fly your drone
    ·         Necessary safety precautions
    ·         The best tips for you to increase the quality of your photographs and make the best of the experience of using a drone
This guide comes in handy for beginners who are just starting their drone photography career, as well as for experienced drone photographers who need to stay informed about the latest discoveries and accomplishments in aerial photography. 

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The Magic Of CGI & Animation

Following the interested and success of our last infographic, we are following up this month by looking at the world of CGI and animation: the difference between the two, their orgins and its prevelance in the UK. As always there are a ton of interesting facts and stats, for example did you know that Uk independant films had over 3% of the global box office?? No neither did we, not bad eh!

Any way take a look down our graphic and let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter.
The Magic of CGI Animation 2

Top 25 Bad Subtitles: The Most Epic Subtitle Fails Ever

Subtitles are great, they help viewers around the world enjoy popular TV series, shows, and movies. Good subtitles overcome language barriers and make characters and movies universally known and loved. But there are times when subtitles fall a bit short of the mark, leaving viewers baffled and confused. Sure, it can be frustrating for movie lovers to notice that some things get lost in translation. On the other hand, some subtitle fails are so hilarious you can’t even be mad at them.

To help you look on the bright side of bad subtitling, we’ve put together the most epic subtitle fails that have ever been caught on screen. Whether you look at big movie franchises, popular TV shows, or news channels, you’ll find that one bad subtitle to rule them all. Without further ado, let’s count down the worst subtitles that the internet has ever based memes on.

Contents: The Most Epic Subtitle Fails Ever

In case you’ve ever wondered how to speak “Spaceship”

Picture1 PewPew


Captain Obvious would be proud of this one. Well, at least it’s not because they didn’t try. Although this one is probably a fan-made subtitle, you have to admire the commitment they had when they made it. Not everybody speaks “spaceship”, ok?


Back To Contents

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The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Video Production Lighting


snappa 1455881445

Many photographers will insist that lighting is the focal point of photography. Filmmakers may tend to agree, especially since there’s nothing more pleasing to the eye than a perfectly fleshed out scene.

No matter how good you are at conceiving a story, filming it and then producing it, if you don't know anything about lighting, you’re doing yourself a disservice. After all, sight is one of our great assets, and human eyes are nothing more than organic lenses. Like all lenses, our eyes focus the light available so that it can be translated into an image by the brain (and its amazing software).

This is where lighting comes into play. And there is no way to exaggerate its importance, as any professional video production company knows. Any light kit, even an inexpensive one or a DIY one, will make a world of difference as opposed to having no kit at all, and not being able to use your extra lights to control the scene as necessary.

Our Ultimate Guide to Production Lighting will start you off light, with some basic theoretical concepts of optics and photo/video lighting. The notions covered include Colour Temperature, the Colour Rendering Index, and White Balance.

If you’re already accustomed to these, feel free to skip ahead, to some applied knowledge on the main types of lighting methods in use today. We illustrate three-point and four-point lighting, as well as the McCandless approach. Finally, we offer some pointers on how to choose your equipment, based on its main features and the basic types on the market.
That being said, we hope you’ll enjoy and come out at the other end ready to shoot your masterpiece!

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Aerial Photography: The Complete Guide to Breathtaking Images

Aerial Photography: The Complete Guide to Breathtaking Images

Aerial photography is the result of constant technological improvement paired with the unique, creative vision of true artists. How else could such compelling pictures be created? Yet the question is, how are photographers capable of such digital artistry, and more importantly, is it possible to learn the technique?

Aerial photography and filming are demanding fields, but with a bit of patience, a lot of reading, and just an ounce of inspiration, you’re bound to capture great images as well as enjoy the nice aerial photography prices customers pay. This complete guide to aerial photography will help you through the entire process.

Aerial Photography: The Complete Guide to Breathtaking Images

Today’s guide gives you an overview of what aerial photography is all about. Here’s what you can expect to read about:

·         How to choose the best gear: for being flown around, as well as camera equipment.

·         Session and flight planning: mapping, timing, and other details.

·         How to stay safe: know the safety regulations and flight legislation.

·         Down to the nitty-gritty: camera settings, angles, and more.

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Movie Directors Share their Views on the Best Visual Effects of All Time (Featuring Mike Newell, James Watkins & More Amazing Directors...)


Visual effects can make or break a movie.

If done poorly you wind up with an ultimately unconvincing film in which the filmmaker has failed to bring the stage, its inhabitants and the action they’re involved in to life. But if done correctly or even masterfully you wind up with, well, the films mentioned in this list to be honest.

We have all been blown away at times by the visual effects delivered by movies that span a variety of genres from Sci-Fi to Fantasy to Action to Horror. And we all no doubt have our own opinions on the movies that feature the best visual effects of all time. But we wondered, what to do the guys that actually make the movies think? Movie directors are obviously a lot more qualified than you or I to judge the level of competency when it comes to visual effects in a film, unless you happen to be a member of the Academy of course.

So we reached out to some of the best directors who are making movies around the world right now and asked them the following question:

“In your opinion which film features the best visual effects of all time?”

The response we received from these directors was nothing short of amazing. Be prepared for an exclusive insight into the world of filmmaking. It’s time to find out which films the experts believe feature the very best visual effects of all time.  


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Meadows Farm Studios shoots Megan Henwood's first music video

Meadows Farm Studios were pleased to be asked to shoot Megan's first music video. Richard, the owner of Meadows Farm Studios, has known Megan for a long time and Claire Tailyour once did work experience at Meadows Farm Studios but this was the first time that Richard had worked with both Megan and Claire together.

Claire's vision was to shoot Megan in a mystical woodland setting surrounded by sprites and magical creatures and claire wanted this to be shot on an aerial drone. Richard and his drone operator Russell Cleaver had to shoot in difficult conditions as the woodland setting by its nature had a very low tree canopy. Typically drones do high aerial work where there are no obstructions, so Richard and Russell had to be extremely careful flying in close proximity to trees and people, with the added difficulty of walking through an uneven, muddy footpath. It was shot "day for night" which means that although it was shot during the day the camera settings made it look moonlit.
megan video03 475x333 megan video05 444x310 megan video06 444x310

It was intensive and complicated shoot, lots of elements had to come together including dancers, musicians and the art department but the end result is impressive with the telegraph taking up the story. We wish Megan every success in her ever increasing music career.

Reading: a start and a return

Screen Shot 2015 05 14 at 11.38.54Reading: a Start and a Return
a photographic homecoming 30 years in the making

our founder, Richard Pinches, is having his first photographic exhibition in 30 years.
Turbine House Riverside Museum at Blake's Lock

off Kenavon Drive, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 3DH

Photographic Exhibition Open everyday 10 am until 6pm July 25 - August 8 2015

You are invited to meet the 5 photographers at the opening event Saturday 25th July 2015, 12 midday - 3pm.

Reading: A Start and a Return features the photographic work of five photographers who met and studied together at Berkshire College of Art and Design, King’s Road, Reading from 1983-1985.

On this, the 30th anniversary of the photographers being turned out from BCAD to begin their careers, the 5 decided to hold a reunion photographic exhibition. A chance to reflect back at Reading, photography and each other and contemplate where it all ended up three decades later.

The photographers:

Tanya Ahmed, Pete Cole, Darran Gough, Richard Pinches and Dave Willis, are showing a variety of photographs from Reading taken in their college years and contrasting these with new work made specifically for
Reading: A Start and a Return. The five photographers have produced a photographic meditation on time, place, relationships and photography itself.

Twitter: #ReadingReturn
Exhibition Website:
Reading Museum: http://www.readingmuseum.org.uk/visiting/?pg=2

Directions to the Turbine House:

WALK: The Riverside Museum is about 20 minutes walk from Reading train station, off Kenavon Drive. Access is through the car park of the Bel and the Dragon restaurant, where facilities and refreshments are available.
BUS: Bus number 17 from the town centre stops on nearby King's Road, outside the Prudential offices (Huntley & Palmers stop), it is then a short walk along Gasworks Road to the site.

CAR: From the M4 Junction 10 follow the A329M towards the town centre (you will end up on the A4, London Road on the map). From Junction 11 follow the A33 towards the town centre. From Junction 12 follow the A4 to the town centre. There is limited parking - remember to collect a car park token from Bel and the Dragon to exit the site when the barrier is in use. The nearest public car park is at Queen’s Road. Alternatively use park and ride buses to the centre of Reading. The postcode is RG1 3DH.


Tanya Ahmed

Tanya moved to Reading from the Midlands at 15 and joined Berkshire College of Art and Design straight from school. During college she assisted studio photographers in Reading and London and also worked at Snappy One Hour Photo Lab in Woolworths! Her first full time photography job was as staff photographer with the Wokingham Times and Reading Standard newspapers. Tanya left Reading to see the world working along the way as a travel, studio and editorial photographer. She is currently a Senior Photographer for the NYPD and freelances with the Met and Guggenheim museums. Tanya’s personal work centers around the built environment and for fun she is studying for a Masters with the Open College of the Arts.

Working with the basic premise of then and now, Tanya has dipped into her photographic archive to explore time, distance, technology and relationships. For this exhibition Tanya has chosen several photographs of Reading residents from thirty years ago and has made new photographs in New York using today’s photographic technology. In addition a small series of postcard sized images contrasts Tanya’s two homes; the Reading environment she photographed in the eighties and the NYC environment she photographs now.


Peter Cole

Peter left 6th form college in Chertsey after just two weeks of starting his A levels to attend Berkshire College of Art and Design in Reading, by accident, or maybe it was fate? It’s a long story! Since the age of 5 he has had a great passion for photography, turning his bedroom into a darkroom when only 13. He started working at Holborn studios in London after his work experience there. He then left the photography business to pursue his other passion, cycling. Today Peter lives in France, working in the world of cycling, in product and brand design & development, still using his photography for promoting and marketing his products.

Voyage Across Europe
Peter’s first experience of real “Street Photography” was being sent to Brixton with his classmates to find people and the cities they lived in. His class was then off to Paris to capture quintessential France. These excursions were the start of a life of travel. Although Peter left professional photography his camera accompanied him on the long voyage of life. In 1986 he headed to the mountains, and visited many European cities, met many people and climbed lots of mountains. These photographs are a small selection from Peter's voyage across Europe, back then and now.


Darran Gough

Darran is a local lad born in Reading and brought up in Shiplake. He studied photography at King James College Henley before moving to BCAD. After leaving Darran started as a photographer/assistant producer on a film about Venice working in the city producing "The Venice Experience". Returning to the UK he worked for an audio visual company near Pinewood Studios. It was during this time that Darran began to freelance for local newspapers following fire crews to incidents. Watching the firemen at work he realised "I could do that
job!" He joined the retained fire service in Henley on Thames. After training Darran realised that he was becoming disillusioned with working in the professional photographic world and turned his back on it making a career change which is now in its 30th year. Finally, they say that there is a book inside everyone. Darran has started his. 30 years in the fire results in many experiences. some sad some happy but all memorable

Life in the Triple 9s
Darran’s photographs portray the quieter side of life in the emergency services rather than the headline grabbing emergency calls. As part of his firefighter duties Darran also provides fire cover for air shows, air displays and for aircraft carrying out parachute training for the MOD. These events add an exciting facet to his career and provide many photographic opportunities. For this exhibition Darran has created a montage based on bringing a project Richard did at BCAD 30 years ago up to date. Richard explored people's personalities by photographing the inside of their glove compartments in their cars. Darran has brought the original idea to the fire crews' locker room where he has photographed the insides of his fire crews locker doors! Each one unique and fascinating to compare.

Richard Pinches

For Richard, born in Reading and living In Henley-on-Thames, attending BCAD was a convenient choice. It was there, after photographing many bottles of lager that Richard realised the area of photography he wanted to pursue. During his college work placement with Paul Howerd Richard was shown how to light beverages and products. He was hooked for good
and Richard realised still life and product photography would be his forte. After college Richard worked again for Howerd honing his skills further until he branched out as a photographer in his own right at the tender age of 21. He quickly set up his own Meadows Farm studios only 2 years later, where he is still heavily immersed in the digital world of photography.

Product Photography: 'Film versus Digital'
Originally shooting on traditional 5x4 transparency film Richard’s photography has now moved into the digital age. The photographs shown here in 'film versus digital' compares the photography and lighting techniques with the artistic styles of both his photography and the products themselves, from 30 years ago with today. The 2014 Blackthorn cider shot an example of today’s techniques. What was impossible as a single take in the 1980s, this digital image actually comprises 5 separate shots all Photoshopped into one! This technique is common these days, the overhead shot of a Chrysler Crossfire is actually 3 shots, this facilitates a quicker shoot and a more pleasing result and hence a happy client.


Dave Willis

Dave Willis came to Berkshire College of Art and Design as it was his nearest local full time photography course after leaving 6th form college in Henley. His admission interview consisted of standing on a table and demonstrating the front crawl. For the last 30 years he has worked as an editorial photographer shooting for record companies, magazines and newspapers. He has shot everyone from The Red Hot Chili Peppers to Michael Jackson. Over the years he has been accused of looking like Rick Astley, endured the mayhem of the summer festival circuit and has survived several Westlife concerts. As well as musicians he currently shoots actors and TV personalities for printed and online media. He maintains he looks nothing like Rick Astley.

Having left Berkshire College of Art and Design, Dave initially shot on monochrome film and colour transparency, and as client's requirements have changed, for the last 10 years, purely digitally. Technology has played a major part in image capture and also the distribution of images. For this exhibition Dave wanted to show some of his favourite images from the last 30 years of his career reflecting these gradual changes.


Reading: A Start and a Return - Activities

A least one of the photographers aims to be at the Turbine House each day- drop in to have a chat about photography - check the website readingreturn.weebly.com for up to date information and dates, times and details of the following FREE activities:


Richard invites you to a slideshow and talk focusing on how to really ‘look’ at photographs in order to appreciate them more fully. Simple ideas Richard learnt at college that have stuck with him ever since. This talk will give you insight into both producing better photographs and appreciating other photographer’s work. There will be an informal question and answer session afterwards.

WHO: All welcome. Any skill level, any age. Children accompanied by an adult. WHEN & WHERE: Meet at the Turbine House.
Date: July: Monday 27th, Thursday 30th. Time: 11 - 11.30am and 4 - 4.30pm
August: Saturday 1st, Tuesday 4th, Thursday 6th. Time: 11 - 11.30am and 4 - 4.30pm


Tanya invites you to join her for 3 photo walks around to create images for yourself and add to her archive entitled Postcards of Reading, 2015. Taking inspiration from her images in the 1980s, we will forgo the usual cliched subject matter of the Hexagon, churches & narrow boats and focus instead on the actual experience of Reading that we encounter when walking through it. The resulting postcards will feature in a one day pop up exhibition at the Turbine House on the last day of Reading: A Start and a Return.

WHO: All welcome. Any skill level, any age, any camera. Children accompanied by an adult. WHEN & WHERE: Meet at the Turbine House. Time: 7.45am Each walk will finish at 10am. Sunday 26 July, Wednesday 29 July, Saturday 1 August. Choose any or all dates.
Pop Up Exhibition: Set - up Saturday 8 August 8am. Pop up exhibition opening 10am.


Can't make it to the photo walks? Just mail your photograph(s), as a 4" x 6" postcard with your name, postal and e mail address and a brief thought on Reading on the back to: Tanya Ahmed, POSTE RESTANTE, 21-22 Market place, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 2DQ. Or bring between 1 and 5 of your 4 x 6 photographs on Saturday 8th August. We’ll add a postcard back and display them in the exhibition. All exhibited postcards will be kept for Tanya’s archive.

Pop Up Exhibition: Set - up Saturday 8 August 8am. Pop up exhibition opening 8 August 10am. WHO: All welcome. Any skill level.
WHEN & WHERE: Postcards by Mail to arrive between 25 July & 5 August - Tanya Ahmed, Poste Restante, 21-22 Market Place, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 2DQ . Pop Up Exhibition: Set - up Saturday 8 August 8am. Pop up exhibition opening 8 August 10am.

Take A Peek Behind The Silver Screen (Infographic)

With the awards season well and truly underway we thought it would be a great time to to put together a graphic taking you through all the facts and stats we could find on the movie industry.

Everything from top grossing films, best paying job and even some info on those people whose name we see during the end credits that seem meaningless but must do something.

There are a ton of other facts and stats covering some of your favorite  films, directors and actors so let us know what you think and please feel free to share.

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2015: Year Of The Cinema?

Cinema has been facing declining numbers since the digital boom and rise of quality television dramas. With illegal download and video links strewn all over the internet it is becoming easier than ever for people to access new releases from the comfort of their home, at little or no cost. Film and TV packages such as Netflix and LoveFilm let audiences catch up on the world of cinema too, without paying the price of a cinema ticket each time.

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3 of the Highest Grossing Films of 2014

With another year drawing to a close, at Meadows Farm Studios we thought we’d look back on what the year has meant for the film industry. Many major releases hit cinema screens in 2014 with a surprisingly high volume of cinema-goers despite recent declines. From classic fairytales, to sci-fi comic strips, to action franchises, here are three of some of the highest grossing films of this year.

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Best Christmas Films

‘Tis the festive season...which can only mean one thing. Flicking through the television over the Christmas break you are sure to find these many Christmassy films. At Meadows Farm Studios we believe that one of the best ways to get in the festive spirit is by sitting back and watching a classic Christmas film. Many new Christmas films have tried (and failed) but here are our top six.

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The highest grossing animated films of the last year

It is undeniable that children's films, or, rather, animated films, are incredibly popular. Classic and modern animated films have been enjoyed by children and adults alike for decades, making the animated film industry one of the highest grossing. As long ago as 1937 Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs made an incredible $418,000,000 when it was released and the industry has grown at an alarming rate ever since.

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Before Disney: Early Animation Successes

Cinema continues to go further with animation, and the rise of technological equipment makes almost anything possible for animators now. From CGI to traditional animation and stop-motion pictures, we’ve seen cinema evolve at Meadows Farm Studios. The start of animation, although now considered very simplistic, made quite an impact in its day.

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Auteur Theory: Our Top Three

With cinema becoming increasingly experimental and directors pushing more boundaries in order to get their releases recognised, the title of auteur still only comes to a select few. Deriving from the French word for ‘author’, auteur theory relates to those directors whose filmic catalogue reflects their own personal creative vision. At Meadows Farm Studios we understand how important it is to make a name for yourself in the film industry, just like our top three auteur picks.

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Avatar: The Highest Grossing Film

Before Avatar was released in 2009 there was a lot of speculation about how successful James Cameron’s latest high-budget film would actually be. But, surpassing beliefs, it became the highest-grossing film to date. At Meadows Farm Studios we are constantly interested in delving into the world of film and cinema, so let us share what we found out about Avatar and its success.

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Benefits of Aerial video and stills captured from drones

Unmanned Airborne vehicles (UAV) or drones are becoming more commonly used in aerial videography and photography because of the many benefits they bring to almost any project.

Aerial video and stills captured from drones are particularly beneficial for

  • Estate surveys
  • Selling properties
  • Promotional video
  • Photography for insurance
  • Large event coverage

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When Two Worlds Collide: Films That Combine Live-Action and Cartoon

With rapid developments in animation possibilities and CGI, it can be easy to forget the beginnings of live-action films being introduced with cartoon animation. Looking back it is impressive to see what was capable of the film industry even before all of the computer technology and equipment now available. If you’re interested in creating a CGI film, have a look at our studios here at Meadows Farm Studios.

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Film Terminology

Whether you are an aspiring actor or film maker, there is a specific film language which you need to understand. Have a look at this quick list of film terminologies to help you on your way.

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The Culture of Early Cinema

You might decide to go to the cinema of an evening and pick a film to see when you get there, or even switch on your TV or Netflix and have a search through, but film and its audience used to have a very different feel. The period of Early Cinema is truly fascinating and the culture quite bizarre when you look back now.

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Five reasons to choose Meadows Farm Studios

If you’re looking for a studio to film in, shoot photographs, or employ a green screen you’ve no doubt discovered that you’re spoilt for choice. There are so many out there it can prove difficult to choose the one that’s a right fit for you and your needs.

Meadows Farm Studios have proven to be the most popular choice for many over the years. And here’s why: 

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