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A Basic Guide to Green Screen Technology

Believe it or not, whether for film and television, green screen technology is increasingly being employed for productions across the world. Location shooting is a film-making method of the past. The primary reasons for this shift are that green screen filming is far cheaper and organisationally simpler than location shooting, not to mention offering a wealth of possibilities for fantastical structures and landscapes.

How Does Green Screen Technology Work?

Green screen technology is completed by using software, images, or movies shot on a green background of which background scenery is later superimposed to create the environment.

Examples of How Green Screen Technology is used to Great Effect

Wedding Photographer

Many wedding photographers employ the Chroma Key affect (that is green screen backgrounds.) Any background scenery can be inserted to create a romantic environment. From scenic lakesides to sandy beaches, churches with architecture to be admired or even renowned landmarks across the world, green screen technology can create the illusion of a setting of significance.

Weather Broadcast

Perhaps the most obvious example of green screen technology is that of the weather forecast. Forecasters stand in front of a green screen, predicting the upcoming weather of regions of the country, creating interactive broadcasting.


Film and Television

As mentioned previously, film and television productions use green screens to great effect. Software packages such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut and Sony Vegas allow productions with a limited budget the opportunity to create dazzling effects.

These are just some of different vocations that employ green screens to great effect. Further studies see that green screens are also employed by internet marketing companies for web presenters, and a wealth of other vocations and purposes too. You’ll be surprised just how often green screens are employed in today’s commercial world!