Studio A

Studio B

White infinity cove with floating ceiling, large drive-in access, full blackout.

Overhead shooting possible from Gallery

30 x 30ft

Cove is 20x 27 x 12

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Light airy Lifestyle studio with full working kitchen, changing room and  blackout blinds.

Can double as lounge, dinning room or bedroom with moveable set walls.

23 x 30 ft

Large access

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Studio C

Client Areas

Each studio has somewhere comfortable for your clients to relax during your shoot.


The gallery overlooks studio B and C offering a more distant overview.

A separate hair and makeup space with its own small kitchen is just outside studio C.

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The ALL NEW studio C! A permanent green screen sound stage, we've paid great attention to getting the best sound quality out of this space. As well as the soundproofing we've fitted a new lighting rig with run cool lighting.


To find out more and to hear the improvement click on through and listen to our recordings.

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Meadows Farm is situated on a lovely 50 acre rural farm with fields that were once a deer park landscaped by Sir Lancelot ( Capability) Brown.

With an avenue of London Plain trees that was once carriage way running through the estate.

The farm gardens are well established with plenty of trees and shrubs for a variety of backgrounds.

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