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Services We Offer | Video Studios & Green Screen Hire in London

Music Videos

We have shot many music videos both on location and in the studio itself, which is superbly suited to music video production.

Our sound proofed green screen offers superb flexibility for special effects, such as in 'Tha 4orce - Ride'.

Gaz Coombes from Supergrass has shot on our white infinity cove for his 'Simulator' single.

To The Sun’s cover of ‘Praise you’ was shot in the studio to look like a live session and the Brother strut video was actually filmed during a live recording session at Metropolis studios.

Gabriella Ellis’ video ‘You’ve got to fight’ was actually filmed during a recording of the TV show ’Made in Cheslea’ as part of her story arc on the show.

We have also just finished a music video for 'Love/Loathe' shot entirely with our aerial drone, for folk singer Megan Henwood. 


Richard has always been artistic but swopped pencil and paper for camera and film when he studied photography at art college. With 30 years experience in advertising photography, shooting for major global brands like BMW, Bosch, British Airways, Dell, Rolls Royce, Sony, Vodafone and Xerox, you will have seen his photography in car magazines, glossy magazines, posters, billboards, buses, and the internet. 

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Meadows Farm Studios can produce, direct a wide range of films, adverts, youtube clips inc post production services.

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CGI & Animation


Modeling, texturing, lighting, particle and fluid dynamics, still, animated, VFX.

Live action

Videography, green screen & camera tracking

Post production

Retouching, After Effects, compositing, colour grading, keying, editing, camera tracking
To talk to us about CGI & animation possibilities just say hi! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Motion Control

Whether you need a smooth repeatable camera movement or stop frame animation we have it covered.

We have an animation moco rig configured with a Dragon Frame Capture system.  Please see the videos below of some finished results.  
The main premise behind all our 'Portable Motion Control' products is 'compatibility and flexibility'.  This portable equipment will fit into a Land Rover.  We have travelled to New Zealand, South Africa, the US, Europe, Iceland, Scotland & Acton.

The rig includes a pan and tilt head, a dolly that runs on regular dolly track & a slider that can also be used as a vertical lift.  We can set up most of the configurations that can be achieved with a normal Fisher or Chapman type dolly.  We also have a fixed jib arm rig for larger reaches.

If you don't see what you need here then please call as it's often very simple to construct/manufacture to clients' requirements.


Aerial Photography and Filming

Our UAVs are state-of-the-art flying systems; carbon fibre with GPS control and superbly smooth and balanced gimbals which allow controlled, fluid and accurate movements. We record on board in 4K and 1080p HD and up to 50 frames per second and in 4k resolution with Panasonic GH4s. No expense has been spared in investing in our equipment to offer the best possible results.

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