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5 things to look for in a kitchen studio environment

We hope you’ll be impressed with our fully working studio kitchen at Meadows Farm and want to book this fine facility at some point in the future. We think it’s the perfect setting for numerous photographic assignments, it’s great for filming food training videos as well. There are certain features you need to create a slick studio kitchen, look for these items if you do decide to hire a lifestyle studio elsewhere.

Large windows: One of the best ways to capture food on film is to use plenty of natural light. So look at how many windows the kitchen studio has, does plenty of light filter into the room? Our studio kitchen has two large windows that flood daylight into the room. Plus it’s equipped with blackout blinds so you can control the light levels and create artificial light if you prefer.

Plenty of work surfaces: It’s handy to have plenty of options when you are taking lifestyle pictures and the more work surfaces the kitchen has the greater degree of flexibility you have with the shoot. We offer a range of work tops in our studio kitchen, space is one thing you won’t be lacking if you book our facilities.

Design flexibility: We’ve put a great deal of thought into the design of our studio kitchen and think other studios should follow the same example. You can chop and change the work tops in our kitchen to suit your next assignment, select oak, black granite or plain white surfaces depending on what you have in mind. Check to see if other studios do the same.  

Moveable walls: Does the kitchen studio come with moveable centre islands and false walls that can be changed to alter the look of the setting? Ours does and it’s just one of the many features that makes our studio a popular option with clients.

Working features: Finally, are there plenty of working features in the kitchen, can you cook and keep produce fresh throughout the shoot? The kitchen at Meadows Farm is a fully working set up and it’s great for any type of food promotional work.