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Auteur Theory: Our Top Three

With cinema becoming increasingly experimental and directors pushing more boundaries in order to get their releases recognised, the title of auteur still only comes to a select few. Deriving from the French word for ‘author’, auteur theory relates to those directors whose filmic catalogue reflects their own personal creative vision. At Meadows Farm Studios we understand how important it is to make a name for yourself in the film industry, just like our top three auteur picks.

Wes Anderson

grand budapest hotel

(Official Poster for The Grand Budapest Hotel, via National Geographic)

Often considered as one of the top contemporary auteurs, Anderson’s distinctive visual style has garnished him numerous fans worldwide. Films by the Texan-born director are instantly recognisable due to the consistency of his style across his career.

From the bold, muted or vintage-inspired colour palette, to the dress of his actors, everything seems to be made with an artistic purpose in Anderson’s films. There is always a whimsical element, led by the colours, general mise en scène, narrative technique, and carefully staged camera frames. Take for example his prominent use of a centred, symmetrical frame sequence, or his touch of the absurd in life. All his characters seem to relay flawed pasts which are transformed with originality throughout the plot.


Pedro Almodóvar

talk to her

(Still from Talk To Her, via Pop Matters)

Gaining a name in cinema for his controversial plot lines, Almodóvar’s films are known for dealing with sensitive issues and exposing the flaws in human relationships. A lot of his work explores the full spectrum of sexuality, with an audacious voice yet a consciousness which understands. His work has been received on an international scale, beyond his home country of Spain, despite the language barriers for many.

The brash colours, fascinating characters, and rich cultural references make his work truly stand out. In every film in his catalogue he mixes melodrama with a certain terrifying darkness, whether sexual abuse, disease, or general destruction of the body. His ability to show matters that are usually kept in the dark honour him a respectable title due to the stark and harsh reality of his films.


Tim Burton

nightmare before christmas

(Promotional Poster for The Nightmare Before Christmas, via Dan Dare)

One of the most likely names to come to mind when discussing auteurs, Burton’s Gothic feel is a prominent part in his work. The dark and deathly plot lines often evolve to bring a three-dimensional quality to his characters, showing that not everything is as it may at first seem.

In all his films, regardless of whether they are live-action or animated, he deals with recurring themes, often choosing the main character to be separated from normal society as a misfit. The fantastical realms that Burton creates are both magical and terrifying, mixing the unusual with a touch of humour. Often he reuses actors in his films, so that his body of work captures a similar tone, always addressing social issues and escapism.

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