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Presenting tip for video shoots

It’s a bit nerve wracking when you are put in front of a camera for the first time, you feel like all eyes are on (which they are) suddenly become more conscious of your voice and start to wonder if this is such a great idea. Everyone feels like this though and with a bit of practice you’ll soon be presenting like a pro! Take a few tips with our blessing, you’ll shine like a star in front of the camera!

Keep content concise: Before you begin speaking to the camera read through the content, comprise a good script, keep the ideas relevant and have a good notion of what you are going to say. It’s a good idea to run over the script beforehand even if you plan on using an auto-cue, this way there’s less chance you’ll ‘fluff’ your lines. A good script keeps the audience engaged but you can overstay your welcome if fail to keep the content concise.

Try practising in a mirror: Talk through the script whilst looking in a mirror, imagine this is the camera you are speaking too. Try to keep your eyes level and look for any unusual quirks you might not be aware of, this is a good time to address little problems that might be distracting to viewers.

Avoid distractions: Try to zone in on the camera when you are speaking, imagine you are speaking eye-to-eye with one person and avoid other distractions in the room.  Pick a point on the camera and keep your eyes fixed, this is easier to do if you use an auto-cue.

Speak clearly: Set the tone of your voice so you speak loud and clear without shouting at the camera. Words should be enunciated with clarity, avoid mumbling and keep you voice level throughout the recording.

Relax! Take a deep breath before you go live, smile and try to be relaxed. You’ll soon get into the flow and within a few seconds it’ll feel like you have been presenting for ages.