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4 mistakes to avoid when creating a business video

Every year thousands of promotional videos are made. And 90% of the time, they’re the worst videos imaginable.


Because businesses make these extremely common mistakes:

Creating for yourself

You’ve been tasked with the job of creating the video for your business. You start to dream of all the videos that you love. What works in them, what doesn’t?

But hold on. You aren’t creating this video for yourself. You’re creating it for your audience - to turn them on to your business.

When you’re writing the script forget about yourself. Start to think about your audience and the things that they like to see. If your target audience are young women, then fast cars and beer won’t grab their attention.

Choosing the wrong team

You’re new to creating promotional videos. In fact, you’re new to creating videos in general. It isn’t something you’ve done before and you know that if you try and do it yourself, it’ll end disastrously.

Hire a professional team of film makers.

This team are going to make your idea a reality. Make sure that you pull out all the stops to ensure that they’re right for the job! Don’t just glance at their CV and say ‘yeah, they’ve fiddled about with a camera in school, they’ll do’.

There’s a lot more to turning your script into a reality than meets the eye.

Ask to see their previous work. Meet up and speak to them about your idea. What do they have in mind?

If you want the video to be good, you’ll need a great team.

Failing to evoke emotion

You want your audience to fall in love with your business. Become a little curious about what you’re offering. Connect with you.

To bring these emotions out of the audience you’re going to have to create a video that resonates with them. If it’s plain, grey and dull you’re wasting your time.

Make them laugh. Make them cry. Make them angry. Make them ask questions. Make them feel something.

Not bothering to market it

You’ve finished the video. Editing is done, the last minute touches are complete... so what’s next?

You need people to see it! You’ve spent months planning, creating, filming, editing. You’ve laughed, felt stressed, hated your work, loved it. Don’t let it all go to waste by neglecting promotion.

That is why you created the video in the first place, right?