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How to make a promotional video without any filming experience

You’re looking to get your name out there, boost brand recognition and connect with your customers. You’ve decided the best way to do it is by creating a promotional video. But you haven’t created one before. You’re a business owner, not Stephen Spielberg.

What are you going to do?

We’ve compiled 5 steps and tips to help you create the promo video your business needs.

Script out each idea – This will be the foundation for your video, so don’t rush it. It’s also the point where you’ll figure out the tone. Funny? All sales? Formal?

Start writing out different scripts, explore ideas. And then when you land on one that works, stick with it. You MUST remember that this video isn’t for you. It’s for your audience. So keep your customers in mind when you’re scribbling down ideas.

Many get in the habit of thinking about audio and audio alone when writing a script for the first time - this person will say this, and then they’ll say that and someone will shout this.

It’s visual. So if you’ve only focused on audio, it’ll be a dull watch.

Money, money, money – Money makes the world go round. And I suppose it does the same with your business. So you won’t have an infinite amount of cash to blow on your promotional video.

Consider your budget carefully. The promo video is an investment. Do not scrimp on it. A poor video can ruin a business reputation as quick as a good one can help it.

Organise everything –You’ve spent a few weeks blasting out ideas, scrunching up bits of paper and playing basketball with a waste paper bin. You’ve finally landed on the idea. It’s great. It sums up your business, sells a product and it’s entertaining (that last one’s pretty important). Plus, you know how much money you have to play with.

What’s next?

First up, you need a team to help. You aren’t a cameraman, director, sound guy, clapper board clacker or a runner. So you’ll need a professional team behind you.

And then you need somewhere to film the promo video. Somewhere spacious, packed with the equipment you need.

Thankfully, we can offer both of those things. A team with a wealth of experience and a versatile space.

With green screens, cameras, lighting, booms, tripods, weights, clips, clacker boards and everything else we can help you create the video you came up with!

Promote the thing – It’s done. It seems so long ago that you were scribbling down your ideas and now you’re watching the final edit. It looks awesome.

Your customers are going to connect with it. But first they need to see it!

Get to promoting! Push it out on your social feeds, stick it up on your site, hold an event, do everything and anything you can to make sure it’s seen.

And you’ve finished. You have a video being watched by the people it was created for. It’s selling your business. It’s boosting brand recognition. It’s working!