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Catch your breath with stunning shots of the Serengeti

As you might guess, apart from being passionate about exciting studio shoots we love the latest technology that’s making the aerial video industry such a pleasure to be part of right now. So when we heard about an RC copter being used to capture footage of the Serengeti we had to explore further and share this exciting news with our customers.

Will Burrard-Lucas is a wildlife photographer that’s just returned from a rather amazing adventure in the Serengeti. He spent two weeks capturing footage of hyenas hunting buffalos, hippos lazing in water holes and a giraffe (yes just one!) taking a leisurely stroll on the Serengeti plains. What made this all the more amazing was Bill used a homemade RC drone which he called the BeetleCopter. It was powered by six mini-rotors and bears a striking resemblance to our Hexacopter at Meadows Studios.

We appreciate good quality aerial photography and video at Meadows Farm and it’s hard not to be impressed by the stunning pictures captured by Will. He took the pictures using a GoPro camera attached to a stabilised gimbal. We’ve mentioned the importance of having a steady gimbal in a past blog, ours is super stabilised and great for a wide range of projects.

The fantastic footage captured by Will shows the flexibility of shooting with RC copters. These units are smaller, lighter and much quieter than a real sized helicopter so they don’t spook animals on wildlife shoots.

Wills footage is pretty remarkable. He’s managed to capture a hyena close up as it tucks into a tasty buffalo breakfast. You couldn’t do this with any other type of system, the footage is fresh, it’s innovative and it gets right to the heart of the action.

Just wanted to share that with you. Aerial video is something we love at Meadows Farm, bet you will too!