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24 Awesome Photography Blogs You Should Follow in 2017

Top Photography BlogIt's crazy to think that we're already three months into 2017 already. To celebrate we thought we'd put together a list of the "Top 24 Photography Blogs to Follow in 2017". We looked through almost 100 of the top photography blogs online and as much as we'd have liked to just list them all (they were all amazing), we had to narrow them down! So, here, in no particual order are our "Top 24 Photography Blogs You Should Follow in 2017", be sure to check them out and see what they have to offer.

Peta Pixel

PetaPixelEstablished in May of 2009, PetaPixel is a leading blog covering the wonderful world of photography. We love photography, and we want to see others love it too. Their goal is to inform, educate, and inspire in all things photography-related, doing do through their blog.

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PetaPixelPhotography is a beautiful medium. It allows people to capture moments in time for the purpose of keeping, documenting, sharing, protecting and storytelling. Regardless of the type of photography you choose to focus on, PhotoFocus is there as a helpful and educational resource for the aspiring and professional photographer. Aiming to assist everyone in their success as an artist.

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PetaPixelFstoppers is an online community aimed at educating and inspiring photographers, videographers, and creative professionals. Started in 2010 by founders Patrick Hall and Lee Morris, Fstoppers has grown into one of the top resources for photography lighting, gear reviews, business tips, behind the scenes, and industry news.

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PetaPixelFeature Shoot showcases the work of international emerging and established photographers who are transforming the medium through compelling, cutting-edge projects. With contributing writers from all over the world and a wide range of interests, we feature contemporary work in all genres of photography: fine art, documentary, portrait, still life, landscape and more. Started in 2008 by Alison Zavos, Feature Shoot has now amassed an archive of over 4,000 posts of exceptional photography from around the globe.

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PetaPixelDigital Photography Review's mission is to provide the most authoritative content around and reviews of digital photography gear in the world. They provide an open, active forum and tonnes of useful tools for the community.

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Brendan’s Adventure

PetaPixelBrendan van Son is a travel photographer and journalist from a small town in Canada called Rocky Mountain House. After completing degrees in Political Science and Geography in 2008 he travelled to South America. Not long after arriving he realised his passion for travelling. Over 5 years later, he has now visited around 80 countries on 6 different continents; all while running and photographing his adventures.

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Digital Photography School

PetaPixelWelcome to Digital Photography School – a website with simple tips to help digital camera owners get the most out of their cameras. Created by Darren Rowse, a digital photography enthusiast. Targeting new to semi experienced digital camera owners with regular tips, guides and reviews to help you gain much needed information and experience.

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PetaPixelPhotography Blogger is a creative photo journal that features an abundance of inspiring collections and accounts from world-renowned photographers. Photography Blogger also updates their blog with photography tips and reviews of new products, so you’ll always learn something new with every visit.

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PetaPixelLightStalking aims to help those new to photography, but also offers insight to even the most experienced photographers. With articles covering everything from composition to photography guides, you can also get involved with their Weekend Photography Challenge, where everyone gets the opportunity to share their shots.

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PetaPixelDedicated to exploring nature’s most fascinating landscapes and wildlife, featuring columnists and contributors who are among the most celebrated names in the field, along with the equipment and techniques for enthusiasts and pros seeking to master the art.

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PetaPixelDon’t be put off by the blog name. ClickinMoms offers something for everyone, always being updated with great advice, guides and reviews. It’s the perfect blog for parents and people looking for information when it comes to photographing children.

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Lightroom Killer Tips

PetaPixelLightroom Killer Tips is run by Scott Kelby, photographer and award-winning author, known as the original “Photoshop Guy”. Lightroom Killer Tips is a mixture of articles and video guides, mainly focusing on Adobe Lightroom.

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Click it Up a Notch

PetaPixelLearn it all, step-by-step, with Courtney Slazinik – the force behind Click it Up a Notch. Courtney is a former teacher who got into photography to capture moments with her family, she now eagerly shares everything she’s learned over the past 5 years, aiming to open the door to photography for other moms and families.

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PetaPixelCreativeLive empowers you to unleash your potential by bringing the world’s greatest experts directly to you, live. Featuring workshops in photography, video, design, business, audio, music, crafting, and software training, CreativeLive unlocks previously closed doors by making dynamic education accessible to everyone.

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Sophie in the Sticks

PetaPixelSophie, owner of Sophie in the Sticks has a passion for the countryside. Since developing a love for photography and the countryside, wherever she goes, her camera won’t be far behind. Capturing everything from the smallest flowers to the distant horizon she loves to snap anything and everything, sharing everything from beautiful nature shots to awesome fitness stills on her blog.

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Deceptive Media

PetaPixelAbstract photographer Andy Bell created Deceptive Media almost thirteen years ago to showcase his vivid portfolio. With an eye for abstract design and colourful hues, Andy presents a collection of bold images of objects, skyscrapers, and nature alongside delicate motion pictures which resemble oil paintings.

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Photography Spark

PetaPixelAimed to educate new up and coming photographers, with knowledge about everything you could possibly need to know regarding photography.

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iPhone Photography School

PetaPixelEmil Pakarklis is a self-taught iPhone photographer, photography teacher and the founder of iPhone Photography School. Despite having no formal training or arts background, his passion for taking photos allowed him to quickly improve as a photographer and turn his website into the world’s leading iPhone photography blog. Posting everything from articles to guide to help you capture the greatest images using the one camera you never leave home without.

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PetaPixelPossibly the most fun you’re going to have with photography, offering some awesome tips, DIY projects and even gear! Despite all the fun, Photojojo is a site for everyone from beginners to pros, offering tips and guides on everything from photo editing apps to awesome gift guides for the other photographers in your life.



PetaPixelJosh, founder of ExpertPhotography is a self taught photographer, who learned the trade mostly by reading manuals, books and jumping online to visit every website he could. With his biggest frustration while learning being a lack of high quality websites, offering meaningful and well written guides and photo examples and so ExpertPhotography was born.

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Karl Taylor Photography

PetaPixelKarl has over 15 years experience as a photographer, with his work being published internationally. Karl originally became involved in the photography training market where he found he had a knack for explaining the subject in a more entertaining and understandable way. Aiming to help and teach new photographers he now runs classes on photography and presents his vast knowledge with you through his blog, with a series of “how to” posts, vlogs, as well as other tips and guides.

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Philip Bloom

PetaPixelPhilip Bloom is a world-renowned filmmaker who, for the past 10 years of his 27-year career has specialized in creating incredible cinematic images no matter what the camera. Some of his most iconic work was created with Canon DSLRs. As one of the biggest evangelists for their use in productions his website became the place to go to for budding filmmakers as well as experienced ones keen to embrace the new technology.

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PetaPixelDavid duChemin is a world & humanitarian assignment photographer, best-selling author, digital publisher, and international workshop leader whose nomadic and adventurous life fuels his fire to create and share. Based in Victoria, Canada, when he’s home, David leads a nomadic life chasing compelling images on all 7 continents.

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PetaPixelKaren is a best-selling author with her book, The Beauty of Different, which is a chronicle of imagery and portraiture. She is also the creative mind behind Chookooloonks, an inspirational source for living with intention, creativity and adventure, and featuring travel, art, food and life.

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