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Our top tips for photographing food

Food photography – sounds like an easy job, right? Well despite many common beliefs, it’s actually quite hard to take pictures of food and make them look mouth wateringly good.

If you’re trying your hand at food photography for the first time then here are our top tips.

The gear – While a big, fancy, expensive camera will help, it isn’t a necessity. Entry-level DSLRs are reasonably priced nowadays and provide adequate camera quality. Alternatively, you can hire out a studio that’ll provide the equipment and a space for the shoot.

At Meadows Farm Studios we have a kitchen facility that provides the perfect space for food photography.

Ingredients – Wrinkled, scarred, or damaged skin shouldn’t end up in the final photographs so either shoot from an angle they can’t be seen or ensure that your ingredients are completely fresh.

It’s all about light – As we’ve mentioned before the key to good photography is lighting. You’re going to have to try various lighting techniques to show your food off. The one that looks best really depends on the angles you try and the colours of the food you’ve chosen.

Props – Choose your props carefully. When chosen well they can enhance your picture and make your food look even more appetising. When chosen poorly they can detract from the subject, which is never a good thing.

Clean plates – This should really go without saying, but you’d be surprised at how many photographers go ahead with dirty dishes. The plates and cutlery in shot should be as clean as possible.  Imperfections are going to show up on camera, especially if you’ve lit the shot correctly.

Add a little oil – Ever wonder how the pros make the food glisten? Well, we know their secret. And it’s quite a simple one. They simply add a little olive oil or mist a salad with water. It makes veg look fresher and much more appetising.

Our kitchen studio has interchangeable islands, burner gas hobs, and huge windows allowing plenty of natural light into the room. The kind of light you want to shoot food in!

To find out more, contact us today.