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A Great Testimonial From Phink Productions

Meadows Farm Studios – My Babe

This last week at Phink we were faced with a new production challenge…Babysitting.

Okay we didn’t really babysit. Phink was commissioned for a video commercial and a full day of working with a few children from the ages of 1 to 3 for our new production called ‘My Babe.’

Phink had to create a 30 second commercial promoting a new product about to hit the markets in several African countries. A new affordable, high quality, baby diaper that ranges in various sizes and has novel wetness indicator on it so parents can now know when their child’s diaper needs to be changed without checking it-If only we’re so lucky back when we were kids.

So with the project and plan in hand, we hired out the green screen studio at Meadows Farm Studios for a one-day shoot with the kids. Working with Meadow Farm Studios turned out to be a great experience for all of us!

Not only was the studio exceptionally sized and well built, but also located in a very quite area of the countryside just outside Henley-on-Thames. It allowed for our day working with the kids and their parents to be much easier than we anticipated. The children were able to run outside and play on breaks. Not only that, but they had a trampoline outside their studios! A great activity for the children, but we did have some difficulty when we had to tell the Phink crew to stop playing on the trampoline during breaks and come back in to work.

On top of that we didn’t need to use any of our own lighting gear because MFS was fully equipped with all the lighting we required. Needless to say, we were thankful for one less job of loading and unloading from the truck.

MFS had everything equipment wise and were a great bunch of people. A special thank you goes out to Rob for being so welcoming to our crew and even recommending an amazing restaurant that we still are raving about seven days later.

Overall it was a successful day of shooting for the My Babe project using a top quality studio and ready-to-go equipment. So thank you to Meadows Farm Studios for allowing us to rent out one of your studios for the day and bearing with us on the crying and screaming with the kids (including our own crew as well).

Phink Video Productions, London