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Five product photography mistakes that’ll cost you

Product photography is an important part of your marketing. To grab attention you need to show your product in the best light. But that isn’t always easy; especially if you don’t have any experience shooting photos yourself.

To ensure you get it right first time, we’ve put together a list of common mistakes people make when creating your own product imagery.

Poor representation – Over-editing, shots that don’t show the whole product, weird angles – they can all produce photographs that don’t truly represent your product. It’s tempting to make a few adjustments to how the product looks in the editing stage, but remember, while the photos need to look good, they need to be honest too. They should accurately represent colour and size.

Bad backdrop – Ensure that the backdrop you choose isn’t going to compete or outdo the product itself. Remember, the whole point of the photograph is to show the product off. A ‘busy’ background can distract from the subject. Props should enhance the product rather than take away from it too.

Lighting – Good lighting is key to a good photograph, but it can be hard to get it right. When possible, use natural lighting and if you can’t make sure that the artificial light you use is a white light rather than yellow.

No variety – It’s unlikely that you only need one photograph. Perhaps you’re shooting for images to put on your website, or maybe for a product launch. Whatever the reason, make sure you get plenty of variety in the photographs you take. Capture as many angles as you can, turn the product on, show the inside of it. It’s all going to help your customer make a purchasing decision.

A dirty product – It’s common that, once the photos are taken and being edited, you can see finger marks and dust. Not good for your brand. So make sure that the product is as clean as can be before the shoot.

If you’re worried your photography skills won’t accurately represent your product then get in touch with us. We have years of experience providing expert photography to0 a number of businesses.