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Avatar: The Highest Grossing Film

Before Avatar was released in 2009 there was a lot of speculation about how successful James Cameron’s latest high-budget film would actually be. But, surpassing beliefs, it became the highest-grossing film to date. At Meadows Farm Studios we are constantly interested in delving into the world of film and cinema, so let us share what we found out about Avatar and its success.



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Reaching a grossing figure of $2.78 billion worldwide, Avatar knocked Cameron’s other major release, Titanic (1997), which earned him an Oscar for Best Director, off its top spot of $2.18 billion.

But why did Avatar earn so much money?


It combined different worlds

Whilst the story is not the main reason (if at all) for many people parting with their money at the ticket office, the science-fiction adventure reached out to a mass audience. With its simple plot line and genre, the film could appeal to all genders, backgrounds and ages (above 12).


It did what a lot of people want films to do: it combined the seemingly real-life world with one heavily set in the realm of fantasy. And despite it not being based on a book, TV show, or remake, the seemingly generic plot line of a paraplegic Marine being dispatched to a faraway moon, merged human and alien lifestyles, providing a break from the everyday that most cinema goers seek.



(via The Week)


Good audience/bad audience

Whatever the reviews – and Avatar attracted the full spectrum – the grossing figure relates to bums on seats. People arguably saw the film for a number of reasons, creating a good audience/bad audience concept. Plot appeal aside, it was the speculation of the film that pulled many to the cinema so that everyone had to see it, regardless of their own interest or not.


The age of 3D film technology

It is no lie that Avatar was a film that came at the right moment in time. Its opportunistic release meant that nothing had been done quite like it at that point in cinema. The cutting edge CGI was an example of what many film lovers had been waiting for. Cameron’s team of experts designed a film that showed what was now possible with technology, pushing the boundaries further with the digitally-created performances.



(via Deadline)


As one of the prominent 3D films which was closely followed by a series of other releases, including Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland, Avatar seemed to set a trend. Cinema goers were enticed by the novelty of 3D, and the film fully utilised this cinematic and technological technique where many others failed.


Ticket prices rose to meet the novelty and demand of 3D screenings, which helped Avatar on its way to the throne. In a statement, Fox said that 72% of worldwide sales came from the film’s 3D screens. Compare this to days gone by with cheaper ticket prices and inflation deducted...Without this extra ticket price, would Avatar have even stood a chance?


We leave it up to you to decide how impressive Avatar’s title as highest grossing film really is. Let us know what you think by commenting below. If you want to make the next big film, get in touch and book one of our studios at Meadows Farm Studios. Read more about film and cinema on the rest of our blog.