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Aerial video and how to pick an RC copter for exterior shots

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Aerial video and stills are two of our specialties at Meadows Farm and although these are relatively new concepts we have mastered the art and now film innovative footage for a diverse range of clients. Our Hexacopter is an impressive piece of kit, you’d think you was up there with the camera thanks to the quality of the images sent back by this nimble carbon fibre flying machine. There are a few points to weigh up when you invest in this type of technology for the first time and we’ve covered the basics in this latest blog.

Choice of rig: There are a number of RC rigs on the market sector at the moment, we chose the Hexacopter because of its ease of use and reliability. The frame is made from carbon fibre so it’s strong but light and once it’s in the air it’s stable and sends back some amazing footage. Before you choose a rig think about how much weight you want the frame to carry, the power output from the electric motors and consider the build quality of the copter as well.

Camera gimbal: Good balance is crucial when you are using a camera gimbal, our Hexacopter is equipped with a gimbal that offers great control and viewing from a stable and surefooted platform. Having used the copter for a while we have noticed the superb balance of the gimbal, it certainly makes filming easier even in the trickiest of conditions.

 Click here for Lamborghini Video


Still from recent Aerial shoot for Lamborghini.

Stabilisation:   You won’t get very far with filming if you don’t have a stable base to shoot from. Thankfully flight stabilisation for remote RC helicopters is better than ever, it’s come on in leaps and bounds and modern copters are equipped with GPS and stabilisation systems that make them easier to control.

Use this brief guide if you want to use an RC copter for filming or better still, book our professional services at Meadows Farm Studios.