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Product photography tips for e-commerce websites

Quality is the one thing people expect when they look at pictures of products on websites, plaster your site with poor quality imagery and don’t expect too many people to browse for long. Your pictures are important, they’re the difference between a sale and a lost customer so take product photographs using some of these techniques.

Try white backgrounds - Want to really make your products stand out? Use a simple white background and the product becomes the main focal point. There are no distractions with a white background, it’s clean, crisp and showcases your goods, white is the way forward for perfect product promotion, there’s no horizon to cause a distraction.

Give the product a sense of reality – People like to see products in action instead of lying inanimate. Customers like to see clothing modelled, footwear strapped to feet and watches placed on wrists. Create an instant connection with your customers by giving your product a sense of reality, once they see the goods in action they’ll find them hard to resist.

Use different angles – Try taking pictures of your products from different angles, front-on shots are fine but customers like to view goods from a different viewpoint as well. Side, top and rear shots leave little to the imagination, use as many photos as you can to make your goods more appealing.

Avoid black and white – Monochrome is good for moody portrait shots, colour is best for product promotion and plenty of it! If you sell the same type of product in different colours make your customers aware of it, line the products up and snap away, wow people with a colourful and attractive display.

Be clear, be creative and try a clever use of colours to sell your products to a target demographic, professional pictures help to sell products on e-commerce websites.