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Tasty food photography tips

We see a range of photographers plying their trade in our studios, or kitchen studio for example is a popular option for lifestyle photography or food training videos. How do you capture imaginative images when you are photographing food though? This article uncovers a few of the tips of the trade.

Take advantage of natural light: Good lighting brings out the colour and the texture of food and natural lighting is one of the best resources you can use. Take pictures of food next to feature windows, you’ll find our studios have 2 massive windows that let plenty of light flood into the room and provide a natural illuminated look.

Make the food the main feature: Don’t over-clutter the shot with unnecessary items that’ll detract from the main feature. If you are taking pictures, use props sparingly, they can add to the picture just as long as the main food source doesn’t blend into the background or feel swamped by too many other features.

Ban blandness: When you are plating food up for photography consider how appetising the dish looks. Could it do with a little garnish to spice things up, would a few chives bring your savoury dish to life or how about chocolate curls placed sympathetically on top of a cake?

Find the right focus: Do you want the entire kitchen worktop in shot or would the photograph work better with only the main dish in focus? Train the camera on the main dish, blur the background and help the produce to really stand out.

Be careful with timing: Get ready to shoot food straight from the oven if you want to snap the meal when it’s piping hot. Work out the timings, be ready to start snapping once the food is ready and capture that steam in all its glory!

Our studios are ready to hire for all your food photography projects so you can shoot what you want when you like without making a meal of it!