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First time camera buying – what to consider

Want to get into photography but don’t know a great deal about cameras? Every photographer has to start somewhere, buying a camera will help but that in itself can present a range of problems. Before you even think about taking pictures there are a number of things to consider, so let us help you by providing this easy to follow camera guide.

Important items to consider

Size and type of camera – Check out the latest models of camera in retail stores and you’ll find compacts, SLRs and bridge cameras all vying for your attention. Compact cameras are okay for occasional use, they’re good for parties for example and general everyday shots but you’ll need something more substantial if you want to take professional pictures.

SLR cameras give you the opportunity to take pictures on a point and shoot basis or you can manually set the controls to adjust features like focus, brightness etc for individual shots.

Bridge cameras are a good option for new photographers, they have a built in lens, incorporate point and shoot technology, are portable and very easy to use.

Weight of camera – Think about carrying your camera around, if you are going to be studio based this might not be such a problem, take wildlife or landscape pictures outside though and this is something you should definitely consider. Large SLR cameras and extra lenses are heavy items, weigh up how much weight you are prepared to carry before you buy photographic equipment.

Pixel quality – The higher the pixel rating the better quality your images will be, especially if you plan to ‘blow’ the prints up afterwards and reproduce the images on posters, canvases or other print media. Consider 12 megapixels or higher for professional results, anything less produces slightly disappointing results. 

Zoom capability – Buy a SLR camera and you should be able to change the lens to suit your particular requirement. Be warned though, lenses can be expensive so factor this into your budget from the beginning or at least consider it for later on down the line.

If you decide to opt for a bridge or compact camera make sure the lens is good enough for your needs and the zoom option matches your requirements as well. Be sure you are happy with the features and the functions of the camera before you hand over any money, otherwise you’ll end up buying another camera much sooner than anticipated.

Once you make a camera choice start taking pictures as often as you can. The more practice you get the more proficient you will be, if you need studio space try Meadows Farm, we’d love to see your skills!