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5 advantages of shooting with an RC copter

We’ve touched on the subject of aerial video in one of our previous blogs at Meadows Farm, read our article on what to look for when you buy a RC copter for exterior shots and you might just find it useful. Ever wondered what the advantages of hiring a remote controlled helicopter are though?  We’ve listed a few in this latest feature.

  • Less hassle – Hire a full size helicopter to film aerial photography and it has to fly at a certain altitude, otherwise the rotors will blow stuff everywhere. Use a jib crane and you are limited to one position, operate a cable cam and it’ll take you ages to set it up. Hire a RC copter and you have none of these problems, we’re ready to fly with the minimum amount of fuss.
  • Less noise – Helicopters aren’t exactly the quietest of machines. One that whirly bird is in the air you’ll know about it and this could ruin the sound on the video shoot. RC’s are quieter. They still capture fabulous footage, they just don’t like to cause a fuss.
  • Less expense – Price up other methods of shooting aerial footage and you’ll see how expensive they are compared to remote controlled solutions.
  • Less time consuming – Once we arrive on site we’ll be ready to shoot in hardly any time, you just don’t get that with a crane, cable camera or a full scale helicopter. Choose any of those options and you waste half the day setting up the shoot, we’re time-conscious and ready to fly in half the time.
  • Easier to control – Our Hexacopter is such a brilliant piece of kit, you can direct it from ground level, get to see images straight away and you have better control over the entire shoot. It’s more professional than trying to communicate with a pilot over the radio, there’s no static, breakdowns in communication or misinterpretations of what you are trying to achieve, we fly it and you tell us what you want!