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We generally shoot as a 2 man crew, one pilot and one camera operator, using a download radio link to a monitor that the camera operator uses for composition. We can supply full crew including camera assistants, director and producer together with our high end cameras for ancillary shooting.

We use a professional digital walkie talkie system with hands free VOX voice activated system to give full control of all ground crew and any persons in charge of systems or equipment we are filming. All this ensures a trouble free professional shoot for peace of mind.

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Estate Agency

We can capture larger houses and estates with photography and video for sales material or just for recording and surveying purposes.  This service might also include checking roofs for possible damage or other equally inaccessible areas.

Richard Pinches, our Director of Photography,  has 30 years photographic experience shooting for advertising and commercial projects. He has a very keen sense of  lighting and composition as well the ability to design camera movements that will enthral.  Richard is also not afraid to get up before dawn to shoot at the coveted 'Magic Hour' as you will see from many of the examples in the showreel.

For our aerial offering, we generally shoot as a 2 man crew, one pilot and one camera operator, using a radio link to a monitor and using digital VOX controlled walkie talkies to communicate with crew and support drivers.  We also often attend with a director and standard camera crew for larger video shoots when required.  All pre-production and site risk analyses are done by our experienced team and any post production is also handled by our own editors and digital artists.

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We are an established production studio working for a broad spectrum of clients from global mega brands to one-man-bands. We supply top quality content for web channels, TV Commercials and promotional use at very affordable prices. We have the strength of our photographic origins to ensure our videos look fantastic, always with great consisderation to lighting, composition and camera angles. Our main Director of Photography, Richard Pinches, has over 30 years experience behind a camera and is still very passionate about delivering quality imagery. There are also many applications for our aerial services as a natural extension to what we already offer in the commercial world, please see our aerial showreel.

Clients inc. BMW, Bosch, British Airways, Coca-Cola, Citroen, Mini, Procter & Gamble, Rolls Royce, Ricoh, Sony Vodafone, O2, Xerox & 3M

Commercial showreel 

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We have worked with most major car brands over the years shooting advertising and brochure campaigns, both in our drive-in studios and on location around the world. Richard Pinches, our Director of Photography, has over 30 years photographic experience, shooting for advertising and commercial projects. He has a very keen sense of lighting and composition. As well the ability to design camera movements that will enthral, Richard is also not afraid to get up before dawn to shoot at the coveted 'Magic Hour', as you will see from many of the examples in the showreel. This extensive experience enables him to produce stunning imagery. Using aerial technology we can now add that extra dimension to the typically beautiful ground based shots you've come to expect from our studios.

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